Friday, 19 April 2013

10+ Best Websites To Sell Your Articles On

Many of my writer friends have been writing articles for last 5+ years. Apart from having a lot of experience and expertise in their writing niche, what they have is thousands of unused articles. These articles have never been read by anyone, they are just taking some space in the hard disk. 

I understand that fact that not everyone can use everything they are writing about. Some people just don't know anything, some just don't want to make any efforts, some are able to use some of those unused articles.

How about listing some very useful websites where you can sell your unused articles? Yes, straight away selling your articles, I am not talking about posting it somewhere and making money by getting views on it. Let's get to the point and see where you can sell the articles:

1. Constant Content - A great platform to sell all that you have not been using. There are plenty of buyers on Constant Content who are always looking for the articles which best fits their requirement. All you need is to post your articles, use good keywords, and get the sale.

2. Fiverr - Fiverr?? Really? You can create various gigs on your article niche and sell it on fiverr. There are thousands of buyers who would love to buy a relevant article at just $5. Though there are several other websites like fiverr which also provide the same service, but there is nothing effective than fiverr. 

3. Own Blog/Website - You can create a list of articles (titles) and post it somewhere on your website or blog. This works great when you have good number of visitors on your website. It will  be an add on if you can mention the price so as to help the client taking the decision immediately.

4. Craigslist/Locanto/Other Classifieds - I know it sounds lame and down the level to post on classifieds about selling your articles, but trust me it helps. This works best when you have less cost articles to sell. 

5. Article Sale - Article Sale is another website which works similar to Constant Content. Just create an account and sell your articles.

6. Elance or Odesk - Another good option where you can sell your articles. You can go with a common post for all your articles, or be specific to an article in each post. There are thousands of buyers who are always looking to get things done there. If your work fits their requirements, you get a sale.

7. Daily Article - Here is another marketplace where you can sell your articles.

8. Forums - If you are a person who would not mind posting on various forum discussions, it is going to work better for you. There are two things you can do here. First, you can share the links of your posts on other websites regarding selling the articles. Second, you can mention what you want to sell and see if anyone there is interested.

9. Freelancer - Freelance works on the same platform like Odesk and Elance. It is also effective in helping you selling the articles.

10. Facebook/Twitter/Other Social Networking Sites - Another awesome place to sell your articles. Just share the links/posts about your articles and see if anyone of your friends (friends of friends, others) show their interest.

I have always been able to sell my unused articles using all of these together. If you really want it to be effective and want to make it happen at the earliest, I would recommend you to try all 10+ websites I mentioned here.

Do post other relevant websites in comments, if you know of anything else.

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